Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings

Protective coats are a type of paint, varnish, or lacquer used more to protect than decorate. Protective coatings are coatings that do exactly what their name suggests. They protect the underlying substrate from deterioration due to exposure to the elements. However due to advances in this field, many decorative coatings can now be classed as protective coatings as well.

These include anti graffiti coatings, fire protection coatings, flame retardant paints, stone protection coatings, graffiti removers, floor coatings, chemical resistant coatings, steel protection, waterproofing & membranes. Talk to us about which is right for your project Protective coatings.

An anti-graffiti coating is a coating that prevents graffiti, generally from vandalism adhering to surfaces. Modern anti-graffiti coatings can be tinted to a colour of choice, or a clear coating covering the existing colour scheme. They can be either of a sacrificial or non-sacrificial nature.

Waterproofing is integral in protecting your structure and ensuring a long life of what’s inside. Whether it is a commercial stormwater tank (below) or a residential retaining wall…we can assist in specifying the correct products & then ensuring professional application. As EVERY waterproofing project is different we utilise the services of many local & national suppliers to ensure that you get the best solution for your specific application, no one product or brand fits all solutions.

When it comes to protective coatings for protecting steel & keeping chemicals safely contained there are rarely second chances. That’s why we take the time to understand project specifications before making any recommendations. By utilising our experience & consulting the hundreds of years of experience from our suppliers we are able to develop a system that meets requirements & lasts to expectations.

Intumescent paint are specially formatted coatings which expand to insulate the steel that has been painted to protect it in the event of a fire. Intumescent paint can be applied to building elements such as structural steel, metal clad walls.

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